Tim Plößer

Tim Plößer M.Sc.

+49 6151 16-24675
+49 6151 16-24665

Landgraf-Georg-Straße 4
64283 Darmstadt

Office: S3|10 210

Working area(s)

  • Impact of decentralized demand-side management measures on the network operation of industrial distribution grids

More information

  • Creation of load profiles for flexible industrial consumers
  • Analysis of the impact of the network using the potential for flexibility
  • Assessment of the maximum proportion of flexibilised industrial loads in distribution grids

Personal Background

I completed my Bachelor and my Master at the TU Darmstadt. When it came to delving into a topic area, I opted for the electrical energy technology. Since completing my master's thesis, I have been working as a research assistant at FG E5 since the summer of 2015.

Field of Research

The energy transition brings with it a strong increase in the fluctuation of the supply of electrical energy. In order to react to this change, different measures are conceivable on the part of the electrical networks. One of these measures is the flexibilisation of the demand side. So far, demand has been taken for granted and had to be offset by adjusting production. But there is also a great potential to make this demand more flexible. In particular, I industry area there are possibilities, for example, by shifting process steps or changing the order of production runs to achieve some great flexibility in the electrical energy reference. It should be noted that these flexibilities can be used purely on the net. On the other hand, it can also be understood by the production companies as an additional source of income. As part of my research topic, I examine what impact it has on distribution grids when the flexibility of the industry is controlled solely by the energy market. On the other hand, I examine the potential of this flexibility as an instrument in the context of network operation.


Lecture: Elektrische Energieversorgung I
Seminar: Berechnung transienter Vorgänge in elektrischen Energieversorgungssysteme
Praktikum: Simulation des elektrischen Energieversorgungssystems (SimPra)

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