Dominik Maihöfner

Dominik Maihöfner M.Sc.

+49 6151 16-24674
+49 6151 16-24665

Landgraf-Georg-Straße 4
64283 Darmstadt

Office: S3|10 204

Working area(s)

  • Flexibility analysis of island-enabled grid cells in the medium-voltage range

More information

• Simulation of island-enabled medium-voltage grid cells
• Analysis of possible power supply by the cell as a unit
• Stability analysis of the cell in defined error scenarios

Personal Background

Since October 2015 research assistant at the TU Darmstadt, Department E5

2012 – 2015 master studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology (specialization: electrical power and drives engineering)

2013 – 2014 semester abroad at the TECNUN – Universidad de Navarra

2008 – 2012 bachelor studies at the University of Applied Science Nuremberg: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (specialization: electrical power engineering)

2008 – 2011 apprenticeship as electronics technician for automation technology at Siemens AG

Field of Research

As already mentioned in the field of work, my research is concerned with the flexibility of island capable grid cells (microgrids) in the medium voltage range. The future energy system will change with the German Energiewende. Applications such as HVDC systems are planned for the transmission grid. However, there are also alternative considerations for the implementation of the Energiewende. For example, there are approaches to the use of microgrids in the distribution network. These microgrids are grid sections that are able to supply themselves with energy. The grids are characterised by inverter-based energy generation. Particularly with the ability to operate as an island, aspects arise for these grids that need to be investigated: How high must the proportion of storage units be compared to volatile generators, how stable are the networks with reduced inertia in error scenarios and how much power can be provided for the upstream grid without endangering the stability of the microgrid.


lecture: Regulation of Power Supply
lecture: Power Systems III
practical course: Simulation of the electrical power supply system

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