Andreas Saҫıak

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Saҫıak

+49 6151 16-24678
+49 6151 16-24665

Landgraf-Georg-Straße 4
64283 Darmstadt

Office: S3|10 207

Working area(s)

  • Calculation of short-circuit currents in HVDC grids

More information

  • Simplified calculation method for short-circuit currents in meshed HVDC grids
  • Simulation of transients in HVDC grids
  • Converter behaviour during short circuits on the DC side

Personal Background

Since 2017: Research Associate at TU Darmstadt, Department E5

2011-2017: Studies at TU Dresden
Electrical Engineering, Specialisation Electrical Power Engineering

2016: Semester abroad at Loughborough University, UK

Field of Research

The ever increasing share of renewables leads to higher needs for power transmission. High voltage direct current (HVDC) is a technology ideally suited to this task. While HVDC point to point connections are already in operation, meshed HVDC grids are planned in the future to transport electrical energy over long distances. A key metric for the planning of these grids is the prospective short-circuit current. While there is the standard IEC 60909 for the calculation of short-circuit currents in AC-grids, there is no such standard for HVDC grids yet. My research thus concentrates on developing a simplified calculation method to determine the prospective short-circuit currents in HVDC grids without the need for time-consuming simulations.


Lecture: Power Systems III
Lab: Simulation of Electrical Power Networks
Seminar: Calculation of Transients in Electrical Power Networks

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