Staff of the department E5

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
S3|10 222-24660
S3|10 221-24664
S3|10 221-24663
Scientific Staff
Technical and economic analysis of (partially) self-sufficient power gridsS3|10 205-24672
Challenges for Power System Protection at Distribution Level S3|10 208-24676
Operation of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Systems in Power Systems with high Penetration of Renewable EnergyS3|10 205-24658
Dynamic behavior of active distribution grids during system transients S3|10 211-24669
Earth faults in networks with isolated and resonant earthingS3|10 213-24659
control strategies for power systems with high penetration of inverter-connected Renewable Energy Sources S3|10 212-24667
S3|10 22324661
in progessS3|10 206-24662
Short-Circuit Calculation in Distribution Grids“S3|10 209-24668
Contribution of active distribution grids to the power system stabilityS3|10 205-24673
Calculation of short-circuit currents in HVDC gridsS3|10 210-24678
in progressS3|10 206-24679
Power quality in future electrical power systemsS3|10 206-24670
Assessment of dynamic System Stability in hybrid AC-DC-Transmission GridsS3|10 20724657
External PhDs/Postdocs
Time Series-Based Probabilistic Load Flow Calculations in the Distribution GridS3|10 207-24666

Staff of the research group Electrical Power Systems

Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Research Group Leaders and Private Instructors

Research Associate – Alumni

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