Former employees of the Electrical Energy Systems at the TU Darmstadt

Alumni of the Institute

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The alumni-activities at the E5 institute are intended to network and bring together active and former employees of the Electrical Energy Systems. Everyone who has worked or is currently working in one of the associated institute is invited.

At the moment there are about four yearly meetings:

  • Spring: Participation in “Energietechnischen Frühlingsfest”
  • Summer: meeting in the Grohe-Biergarten and participation in the city run
  • Autumn: Alumni-Party of the E5 institute at the TU Darmstadt
  • Winter: visit to the Darmstadt Christmas market

The invitations and all other information will be sent via the alumni-mailing-list. Therefore, all interested are asked to contact the responsible research assistant (see below) in case of change of the email address.


We would be very happy to welcome some of you to one of our activities soon!

NESSIE EEV's goal is maintaining and developing all activities related to NESSIE

Anyone who was involved in the creation of NESSIE, as well as all Nessians of the Institute for Electrical Energy Supply, is eligible to participate in NESSIE EEV.

In the summer term 2016, the department decided to restructure and rename the former work associated to NESSIE.

This happened mainly because under NESSIE not all alumni and active found each other.

Further information can be obtained from the of the alumni activities.