Simon Massat M.Sc.

Working area(s)

Probabilistic reliability calculations in the transmission grid


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I studied industrial engineering (technical specialisation: electrical engineering and information technology) at the Technical University of Darmstadt, specialising in electrical power engineering. I also worked as a trainee at Siemens AG in Amberg in the area of procurement engineering.

During my studies, I was already particularly interested in the field of electrical power supply, which is why I worked on the influence of the grid support behaviour of VSC converters on the transient stability of generator groups as part of my final thesis.

Since June 2019, I have been working as a research assistant at FG E5.

In the course of the current changes in the electricity grids, transmission system operators are increasingly confronted with the question of the extent to which it is possible to use underground cables instead of overhead lines. However, the demand for a higher degree of cabling in the transmission grid results in various technical challenges.

My research work is dedicated to the resulting effects on the supply reliability of the power grid. Due to its quantitative character, the use of probabilistic reliability calculation enables not only the assessment of supply reliability but also a direct comparison with the currently prevailing situation with overhead lines as the primary transmission technology. In addition, underground cabling is also assessed with regard to its influences on the steady-state load flow and short-circuit current behaviour.