Martin Coumont M.Sc.

Working area(s)

Dynamic behavior of active distribution grids during system transients


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Work S3|10 211
Landgraf-Georg-Straße 4
64283 Darmstadt

I studied electrical engineering and electrical power systems at TU Darmstadt and graduated with the Master’s degree. Main focus of my studies were power systems, renewable energy sources and control theory. I wrote my master thesis in the field of power electronics investigating the EMI behavior of multilevel voltage source converts.

My research deals with the dynamic behavior of inverter-interfaced distributed generation units in distribution grids during transient phases such as short-circuits. A central part of the development of a generic model of inverter-interfaced energy plants. Furthermore, I’m investigating methods to create dynamic equivalent models of parts of distribution grids including distributed generation. Using these models, it is possible to analyze the influence of active distribution grids with a lot of inverter-interfaced generation on large signal stability of power systems following short-circuits.