Carl Schweinsberg M.Sc.

Working area(s)

Power quality in future electrical power systems


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I studied Electrical Engineering at the TU Darmstadt and graduated with the Master’s degree in June 2017. In the course of my Master’s thesis, which I wrote at the company Energynautics in Darmstadt, I developed an active power control for photovoltaic systems in combination with batteries in order to gain grid-supporting behaviour of the considered system.

During my studies, I focused on the broad field of Electrical Power Supply for what I already held an interest due to a vocational training as electrician for power supply of households.

For me, working in this area is very fulfilling because of the relevance of tasks and both technical and political challenges, primarily triggered by the increasing share of renewable energies in the electrical power system."

“Power quality describes all aspects, which relate to the voltage and current waveforms present in the electrical power system such as frequency, phase and amplitude.

Distributed renewable electricity generation and novel electronic equipment have in common that they are often interfaced by means of converters, which are electrical devices based on power electronic components with nonlinear current and voltage characteristics. On the one hand, converters themselves contribute to a poor power quality, whereas on the other hand they are very sensitive to it.

In my research, I am dealing with the described so-called “paradox of power quality”, in which I analyse how and to what extend e.g. flexible industry load equipment can contribute to an enhanced power quality. In other words, I want to use converters already connected to the electrical power system in order to improve poor power quality within the grid.”