Xiong Xiao M.Sc.

Working area(s)

Assessment of dynamic System Stability in hybrid AC-DC-Transmission Grids


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“I started my bachelor's study „Wind Energy and Power Engineering“ at North China Electric Power University after the college entrance examination in 2011. During my bachelor's study, I have learned the basic knowledge of wind turbines, electrical machinery, power systems and control technology.

During my master's study from 2015 at Leibniz University Hanover, I focused on the specialization “Electrical Energy Conversion and Grid Connection of wind energy”.

I wrote my master's thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES), being involved in the modeling and control of wind turbine permanent magnet synchronous generators.

I started working as a research assistant at the department E5 of TU Darmstadt in May 2019.”

Transient Stability in meshed AC-DC-Transmission Grids