Course: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology I
Course Lecture (Bachelor)
Module owner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jutta Hanson
Work load
Credit Points
Winter term
210 h
7 CP
Time will be communicated in Moodle
Place will be communicated in Moodle
Module Content Units and Equations: Unit systems, equation writing.
Basic definitions: Charge, current, voltage, resistance, energy and power.
Currents and voltages in electrical circuits: Ohm's law, node and mesh equations, parallel and series
connections, current and voltage measurement, linear and nonlinear elements, superposition theorem, stardelta-transformation, node and mesh analysis in linear circuits, controlled sources.
AC systems: Time-dependent currents and voltages, steady-state mode sinusoidal currents and voltages
in linear RLC-circuits, phasor diagrams, resonances in RLC circuits, AC power, locus diagrams, two-port
networks, transformer, polyphase systems.
Competences After visiting the lecture students will be able to:
  • to utilize the basic equations in electrical engineering
  • to determine the currents and voltages in linear and nonlinear circuits,
  • to analyze DC and AC systems
  • to calculate simple filter and resonant circuits,
  • to apply the complex calculation in electrical AC systems.
Prerequisites none
Material Learning material will be available in Moodle (Registration via TUCaN is required!)
Exam The exam date will be announced via Moodle.

The registration for the written exam takes place via the TUCaN system. If the registration via TUCaN is not possible, please contact your study office. The participation is only possible after registration. For reasons of spatial planning, this is also necessary for Business Administration/Industrial Engineering students. The registration deadline for the written exams is up to 1 month, and cancellation up to 8 days before the exam date.
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