Seminar: Proseminar Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The course is only offered according to demand. Therefore, please contact our institute before registering for the module in TUCaN.

Course Proseminar
Module owner Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jutta Hanson
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Work load
Credit Points
Winter and summer term
60 h
2 CP
Time -
Place -
Module Content
  • During the 5th semester of the Bachelor's degree programme ETIT or WI-ETIT.
  • Can be completed at any ETIT institute even outside the chosen specialisation
  • Students should contact the scientific staff to find out which topics are currently offered
  • The starting time and duration of the project work (e.g. in a block or during a lecture) can be agreed individually with the project supervisor
  • Depending on the topic, teamwork may be possible
  • The ETIT proseminar is offered every semester.
    Possible topics can be found in the theses tab
Competences The learning targets are the following:
  • Preparation of a technical topic in cooperation with a research assistant as supervisor
  • Detailed study of technical articles
  • In-depth understanding of the technical topic addressed in the article
  • Hands-on experience with technical documentation
  • Learning modern presentation techniques and their application
  • Presentation and discussion of the technical topic in front of a group
Prerequisites Material of the course "Writing and Presenting Scientific Work
Material The materials will be provided by the supervisor of the proseminar (registration via TUCaN required!)
Exam Module final examination (report and/or presentation)
The type of examination will be announced at the beginning of the course.
Guest lectures, Excursions -